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Slowly but surely, we have begun to uncover media that confirms Welcome Home was once on the air! These remnants can be found below, including animation cels, radio plays, scripts, songs and even interviews meant to publicize the show as it aired. One day, we hope to share footage derived from full episodes on this very page! We know it is out there. We will find it soon.

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Live Interview Audio Segment

Dated est. 1969-1970

This audio appears to have been part of a live television interview, evidently shortly after Welcome Home began to air and was a subsequent critical darling. Though no video footage has been unearthed, we were lucky to recover audio from a significant chunk of the interview, featuring Wally Darling and Barnaby B. Beagle in conversation with the host. We invite you to listen to the charming dialogue yourself by clicking the player below!

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Cel 312.png

Animation Cels from "Julie-rella" Segment

Date unknown

Originally speculated to part of a tie-in storybook, the amazing uncovering of actual animation cels caused us to realize the truth: that they were likely part of an animated segment for an actual episode of Welcome Home! These finds now hold the great honor of, if by technicality, being the first on-screen footage our team has recovered.

Based on what we have found, we imagine this segment to have been a silly re-telling of "Cinderella", starring the various neighbors in the storybook roles. Above, we can see Julie Joyful as Cinderella herself, Barnaby as the Fairy "Dog"-mother, Frank Frankly as the Prince, and of course King Sally Starlet! It's quite possible the entire animation was meant to represent one of Sally's stage-plays, or perhaps it would have accompanied one of the neighbors reading the story aloud.

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"Just So" Song Demo

Date unknown

Below, you can listen to what we suspect was an early "scratch" recording for a musical number that would have graced an episode of Welcome Home! Though we have not yet recovered the full, complete song or backing instrumental, this landmark discovery makes us confident it is out there to find. For now, enjoy this delightful number as Frank and his neighbors ponder his particular particularities!

Just So


"Just So" - Demo
00:00 / 06:25

Mystery Audio

Date unknown

It is currently unknown whether these three recovered dialogues are audio tracks from episodes whose visuals are yet to be found, or from another, supplementary material such as a storybook record or radio play. Regardless, these three sweet scenes provide us a peek into the lives of our favorite neighbors!

Howdy, Barnaby and Wally - "Hotdogs"
00:00 / 02:18
Julie and Frank - "Tomatoes"
00:00 / 01:22
Eddie, Sally and Poppy - "Acting"
00:00 / 01:57
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