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Hello! My name is Clown! Let me tell you about my project, Welcome Home!


Welcome Home is an experimental multi-media horror project that focuses on unraveling the mystery surrounding a beloved 1970s children’s television show. You are to accompany a colorful cavalcade of puppets as their beloved neighborhood begins to skew and distort into a nightmarish memory that they can barely recall. Through illustrated books, recordings, and an array of old merchandise, you will find what dwells within this colorful home! Beneath its beautiful carpets, behind its gorgeous wallpaper, and deep within its breathing crevices! Fortunately, you have someone to keep you company and hold your hand as you walk down a path now long forgotten.

You may call Welcome Home whatever you like, but I'll call it home!

Many thanks to these collaborators
for helping in the making of Welcome Home!

Huck/Fig Bedsole (Twitter, Tumblr) - Art, writing, website testing

Rocky (Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram) - Art, image editing

Puzz (TwitterTumblr, Twitch) - Production management, art, writing, website updates

Lucretius T. "Frankie" Frankenstein (Twitch, Youtube) - Voice of Wally Darling
& Frank Frankly, writing

SynthCharmVA (Twitter) - Voice of Barnaby B. Beagle & Howdy Pillar

Cyber AKA Cyberscraps (Twitter) - Voice of Julie Joyful

Joshua Waters (Twitter) - Voice of Eddie Dear

Gina Moravec (Site, Twitter) - Voice of Sally Starlet

Sarah Jolley AKA Modmad (Site, Tumblr) - Voice of Poppy Partridge, writing

Xamag (Twitter, Tumblr) - Pixel artwork

Romeo S. (Tumblr) - Pixel artwork


and of course...

Thank you!

Welcome Home is a way to explore what I can do as an artist and try out new things, especially with limited materials. However, with that said, this project is still being worked on! This website is meant to showcase my story, the characters, and share what I can with you during my project’s creation! I hope one day to see it to its completion and know the medium of its final product. Still, I want to keep creating, and I will continue putting out large pieces to show you what’s hidden in this big beautiful home! If you would like to support what I'm doing, please consider donating to my Ko-fi!

Welcome Home!.gif

Thank you for giving me the strength to see this project through to its completion! For any business inquiries moving forward, please feel free to contact me privately!

For any inquiries regarding merchandising or fanwork, please head here for more information!


Alright!!! Let's head into this home together, hand in hand! Thank you!!


Welcome Home is a story centered around a gaggle of friendly faces whose sunny days transform into something unexplainable! With that said, it is important to state this is a psychological horror that touches upon a few topics that may require a warning beforehand, especially during its development! Although it is not heavily present on the website, Welcome Home's rating is subject to change.


Common attributes in Welcome Home that may not be suitable for all audiences are listed below!

  • Eyes, eye contact, or staring.

  • Unreality or derealization

  • Gore 

  • Puppets or mannequins

  • Exploration of heavy topics, like death, isolation and mental health.

  • Auditory unease, such as abrupt or unpleasant sounds.

  • Startling visuals, such as moving gifs or small flashes in video.

I want to leave you with one final message. In recent months, Welcome Home has been seen on a world wide scale, one I cannot even fathom. The support I have received is unexplainable and I am so humbled by how positively it has been received by folks from all over. I did not know if anything would come of Welcome Home or if I would have the chance to see it through its completion, but I was dedicated regardless.


Now you have given me the opportunity to tell that story, to collaborate with others, and so much more. This has changed everything, even now as things are still turbulent, this support has saved my life. My work means the world to me, to know it's valued by someone else in this way too makes me so happy and to be financially stable while doing it is a dream I had not even thought possible. It is from folks giving my work the time of day, sharing it with others, and donating to me that Welcome Home has been able to be known by so many people. I know it isn't dumb luck, I know it is everyone I have ever known and folks I haven't even met yet to thank for this. Thank you to all of the voice actors, to Puzz, Huck, and Rocky for helping me put this update together when I was so sick, and from individuals online who helped it spread out as far as it has and who have been with me since its beginning.


Thank you for visiting this website, as small as it is and as our team is, to wait and see what we will continue to create. I will keep going until I can't anymore. Thank you so much for everything.

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