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About Us!

The Welcome Home Restoration Project is a team of anonymous individuals dedicated to compiling, restoring, and archiving what few remnants of Welcome Home has been uncovered. It is through these collective efforts that we will awaken the memory of this lost piece of media. We strive to establish a friendly and open community of friends, family, and fans just like the colorful and quaint neighbors in our beloved Home!

Love is clear in the messages of Wally Darling and is as much of a hallmark to him as his charismatic smile, his cheery disposition, and his eagerness to understand the world around him. We too hope to spread this feeling of everlasting joy, caring, understanding, and acceptance to all in the hopes that you will join us in our thorough exploration. Together, we will make this house a home!

Visitors may wonder how we came to uncover such a show, where we obtained these works, and the efforts taken to restore them to the best of our ability. To that we our happy to open our front door to you, neighbor!


Fully restored by our team with slight alterations to the original.

The original piece in its destroyed state as we have received it.


General Questions:

Who are you?

For personal reason, our small collective at the WHRP team have agreed upon staying anonymous for our own security and safety. More than that, however, we wanted make the recovery of Welcome Home our number one priority and wanted it to be the full focus of this website.

How did you begin your research into Welcome Home?

To be honest, we were drawn in unexpectedly. All of the information found on this website was extracted from documents that had been uncovered in brightly colored envelopes. We are thankful to be the first to jump start this journey! But it hurts.

What do the illustrations, writings, and advertisements look like when you receive them?

All of the paper materials tucked away inside the envelopes we have received are usually crammed together and covered in paint and ink. Despite this, volunteers have both restored and recreated most of what was found on the documents. Below is an example of our work as we extract information from the original document and translate it into a digital state.




Why did you make this website?

I hoped that this website would grab the attention of someone who has seen this show before and could tell us more about it. If this wasn’t possible, then we wanted to be the first to showcase this lost piece of media to help spur on the search for its existence. Many of our guest book signatures have talked about seeing this show before, so this is a good sign. It mean it is inside of you too, then. Does it hurt?

What kind of merchandise did Welcome Home have?

It is only speculation, but from what we have gathered there is a possibility that there are vinyl records, children's toys, and a plethora of other merchandise that could be ordered through various magazines. Someone thinks there are patterns to make your own Barnaby. Could you imagine?

Do you know how many episodes of Welcome Home there are?

Unfortunately no. We have yet to receive footage from the show, nor a full catalogue of all the episodes. We have estimated that the last air date for the show was in 1974, but only because it is the most recent date listed on a script. The numbers are so hard to read. Sometimes I can’t see them.

Do you know anyone who worked at the Playfellow Workshop or are you a former employee?

No and I am not affiliated with the company. But we know of Ronald Dorelaine, he must be the creator. We will find the other names too.

Are we able to join your team?

At the moment we aren’t accepting new members.

Who is your favorite resident?

Everyone on our team has their favorite, but if you ask me, mine is Wally Darling! He is the most, as he would say.

Exploration of Frank's spinning head mechanic as listed in illustrated material.

Our volunteers have also produced speculative pieces from the information gathered, such as Frank's spinning head, Eddie's removable hat, and the heart marks on the bottom of Wally's shoes. We hope more fan interpretations will be able to arise just like this!

When I unwrapped the first letter, I felt it. I heard it. Open. Open. Open. I want it out. I’m going to get it out.

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